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     Combination refers to the exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, universities and research institutes for the purpose of common development, in the complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and reciprocity formed. Implementation of technological innovation strategy, promoting research cooperation is to enhance technological innovation, promote industrial restructuring, to address key technologies, enhance their market competitiveness, and promote economic and social scientific support means.
     Through the operation of research cooperation projects, promoting the company's continuous innovation, the company's business model to achieve a commercial end product to the mainstream public safety equipment research and production, from the production of analog products to digital products, from product development to the standard formulation of the transition upgrade, the real shift from "manufacturing advantage" to "create advantage". Xin Lei Feng Technology Co., fully aware of the research cooperation has become an enterprise product upgrading and technological innovation main propulsion, cooperation will not only enhance the product's competitive advantage in the market, but also bring considerable economic benefits.
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