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Shenzhen Greatpeak Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing, manufacturing and exporting Remote control products,the main products include all kinds of Remote Control, Wireless Key Finder , DVB-T2 TV, Wireless Phone Charger .Founded in 2006, Greatpeak now has a factory plant of 6,600 square meters, we have workshops for molding, Spray Painting, Silk Printing and SMT, the largest workshop has 6 assembly lines.

We regard Quality as the most important aspect of products, All of our products are 200% tested。 Every semi product is tested in terms of function。 After assembly, another 100% tested will be executed in terms of function and appearance。 The strict quality control system enable us to supply reliable products to customers。 With the strict quality control system as basis, our products are qualified according to CE, FCC, ISO9001 and RoHS standard, we have CE& RoHS and ISO9001 certificates, for all of our products.

  Our market Strategy focuses on international markets, 90% of our products are exported globally. The major markets are Europe, Asia,North America, South America and Australia.

  We are confident with our products and sincerely wish to cooperate with customers from all around the world。

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