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How to buy a TV remote control?

Publisher:admin Date:2013-12-01 11:50:16
1-1 Q: How to buy the remote control ? TV model can provide it?
A : It is best to know the remote control model ( usually in remote control on the front panel ) , or the comparison photos ( main contrast buttons ) to determine the model . Because some TV models and remote control model is not one to one. For example, Skyworth, the same type of TV may use different types of remote control .
1-2 Q: I do not know how the TV remote control models do ?
A: If the old machine with the original remote control is not lost, you can compare the remote control picture ( main contrast button to see if the same ) to determine the model . If the old remote control did not, in general there are instructions on the TV remote control picture.
If you can not find the original images are available for comparing the remote control , you can TV models ( usually after the TV on the subject of housing there ) , Login " TV remote control model query system " query : http://www .1kong7.com/search.asp information constantly updated .
    Note: If the TV is Skyworth , general search Skyworth TV model may show a good variety of types of remote control , because Skyworth TV remote control with the TV model is not one to one , with the TV remote control model mainly machine movement lines related to self- determine the best image contrast model . Or view the TV manual or whether the words 5T25, 3S28, 6D90, 4T36 ...... Skyworth and other similar movement / remote control model on the TV carton .
    1-3 Q : certain models of universal remote control can be used? Universal Remote well?
    A: If you do not know the original remote control model or models of the original remote control with less , it is recommended to buy universal remote control .
    Universal remote control for outstanding universal , not specific functions , not for a certain type of production, there may be some special function keys can not be achieved. Universal Remote only manufacturers to design a universal remote control, is less than ideal choice to buy the original model of the remote control .
    Universal remote control for most models of 99% , but the market does not mean that all universal remote control are 100% applicable to your model . ( Unless otherwise applicable outside )
    For some common universal remote control, such as public co-brand universal TV remote control for the models see the table , the data provided by the manufacturer , you can check before you buy : http://www.1kong7.com/n3c8.aspx there is no remote control model does not necessarily represent can not be used because the data is still constantly update. Do not search Remote Control Model Search TV model , in addition, on the same line remote control model is universal remote control model , if there is universal remote control, priority recommended. Because the preferred rule of the remote control : the original model > General Model > Universal Remote
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